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Objects and Expressions in the Classroom!  

Watch and Listen to the video.-
Solve the cross word puzzle.-
5 6

 What should you take to school?

 1.- Take the dictation with a sharpened ___________.
 2.- You need a black _______ to answer this exercise.
 3.- Use your _________ to draw the margins on your sheet..
 4.- Put your materials on your __________.
 5.- Open your _________ on page 26.
 6.- It's break time, Keep your materials inside your _________.
 7.- Write the date on the right top of your ________
 8.- Color the drawing, with your ____________.
 9.- Use your __________ to correct any mistakes in your paper.
Write the correct word.-
Thick the correct option to complete the conversation.-  
Teacher.- Good morning, teacher students.
Students.- Good morning, students  teacher.              
Teacher.- Welcome back to your English class!
Students.-  Thank  Welcome you, Miss Sanders.                     
Teacher.- You're welcome thank girls and boys, now close open your book on page 10.
Mike.- Excuse me please, What book page did you say?
Miss Sanders.-10 Mike! , OK let's start our class.
Susan.-  May I  I'm sorry come in, please?
Miss Sanders.- No Yes of course, and close open the door, please.
Joe.- Can you repeat May I go to the restroom. please?
Choose the correct option.-
-Expression to ask for permission.     
-Expression to ask for repetition.      
-Expressions to apologize.                
-Expression to interrupt.                 
-Expressions to answer the roll call.    
                               WONDERFUL WORK!





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