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PLURAL NOUNS (regular and irregular)
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Regular and Irregular Plurals
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The plural form ; regular and irregular
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                                                                      REGULAR and IRREGULAR        

1. Watch the video about Plurals.
2. Most nouns:  Add "s" to form the plural.


         apple                                   ball                                
                heart                                                        house                        
           carrot                                 balloon                     
3. Most nouns that end in: chshsxzz  -  Add "es" to form the plural.
           bus                                          fox                             
       church                                  dish                             
buzz of a bee       of bees            box                               
4. Most nouns that end in: consonant + y "y" becomes "ies"
      baby                                  family                           
5. Most nouns that end in: vowel + y add "s"
           key                                           boy                           
6. Some nouns change sounds in the plural.  Choose the correct option.
    man                   woman             tooth            
     child                     foot                        ox                
      mouse                 goose                louse            
7. Words ending with "f " or "fe"Change to v and add s.
      wolf                                          half                             
            leaf                                 knife                               
         shelf                                  loaf                               
8. Most nouns that end in:  "o"  - Add "s"
     radio                                      piano                              
9. Some nouns that end in:  "o"  - Add "es"
     potato                                   tomato                        
10. Some nouns do not change in the plural.
       deer                                    moose                               
           sheep                                  fish                               
                                                                                                 by Anna Pessôa



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