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Prepositions of time
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        Prepositions of time

Complete the sentences with the correct preposition.  Choose in , on or at.

1. I wake up  7.00.

2. I sometimes work  Saturdays.
3. I never work  the weekends.
4. I see my family   Christmas.
5. I go on holiday  August.
6. I go to bed  11 p.m.
7. I watch TV  the evening.
8. I do my English homework  night.
9. I read the newspaper  the morning.
10. I have lunch  1.30 p.m.
11. I always go out  Friday nights.
12. I go to a restaurant  New Year's Eve.
13. I start a new school year  September.
14. I go skiing  the winter.
15. I was born  1977.
16. I get up late  Saturday mornings.
17. I usually have a cup of coffee  the afternoons.
18. My birthday is  July.
19. The party is  the first of October.
20. We have a meeting  the first Thursday of the month.





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