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Our Solar System worksheet preview
Our Solar System

The Solar System worksheet preview
The Solar System

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The Solar System



Write the correct preposition:

1. Use the picture  if you need help.

2. Mars is  the Earth.

3. We live  planet Earth.

4. Mercury is  the Sun and Venus.

5. Don't look directly  the Sun.

6. You can see Venus  the morning and  the evening.

7. The planets orbit  the Sun.


 Find 12 words: 




1. How many rings does Uranus have?                                                              6. How much of the planet Earth is covered with water?
    a. 5                                                                                                              a. 60%
    b. 7                                                                                                              b. 70%
    c. 9                                                                                                              c. 80%
2. Which planet is about the same size as the moon?                                          7. Saturn is best know for its...?
    a. Mercury                                                                                                   a. Rings
    b. Mars                                                                                                        b. Size
    c. Venus                                                                                                       c. colour
3. How long does it take the Earth to orbit the sun?                                           8. The planet closest to the sun is?
    a. 1 day                                                                                                        a. Earth
    b. 1 week                                                                                                     b. Venus  
    c. 1 year                                                                                                       c. Mercury
4. Mars' colour is?                                                                                            9. What is the name of our Galaxy?
    a. blue                                                                                                          a. The Bounty Way
    b. red                                                                                                           b. The Mars Way
    c. green                                                                                                        c. The Milky Way
5. Which planet is the biggest?                                                                         10. Is the Sun.....?
    a. Uranus                                                                                                      a. A planet
    b. Saturn                                                                                                       b. A star
    c. Jupiter                                                                                                       c. An astroid
2 3
1 8

TEACHER: Write here the clues of the crossword

1. The planet closest to the sun.
2. The biggest planet.
3. The planet with the rings.
4. Our planet.
5. The small planet that is now called a dwarf planet.
6. The planet you can see in the morning and in the evening.
7. The seventh planet from the sun.
8. The last planet in the Milky Way.
9. The small red planet.
10. The star of the Milky Way





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