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Numbers 1-100
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Age: 12-14
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A) Write the numbers in full.
1-       11-
2-       12-
3-     13-
4-      14-
5-      15-
6-       16-
7-     17-
8-     18-
9-      19-
10-     20- 
B) Write the numbers.
twenty-six       thirty-one    thirty-nine  forty   fifty-two
sixty-eight      seventy  seventy-five   eighty-three
ninety-four     ninety-eight   a hundred   a thousand
C) Choose the right option to complete the sentences.
September is the  month of the year.
The  month of the year is February.
Halloween is on the  of October.
On the  of December we celebrate Christmas Day.
The  of February is Saint Valentine's Day.
D) Find ten cardinal numbers and five ordinal numbers.







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