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Halloween Web Vocabulary

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Halloweeen Witch

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 Watch the video. Listen to the chant.
Fill in the blanks.
       Five little  sitting on a .
    The  one said, "Oh! My, it's getting !"
    The  one said, "There are  in the air!"
    The  one said, "But we don't !"
    They might be  but  don't care!"
    Number  said,"Run, let's !"
    The  one said, "I'm ready for some !"
    Ooooo! went the  and out went the
    And  little pumpkins went  out of sight!
Unscramble the Halloween words.
     iWcht            astB              atC          mymuM    piSrde 
unHadet ouHse    ulCadrno        taH        Vapimer     tsohG   
Halloween activities. Match sentences to pictures.
    1. Wear a costume.
    2. Go trick-or-treating.
    3. Make a treat bag.
    4. Scare somebody.
    5. Make Halloween crafts.
    6. Get candy.
    7. Bob for apples.
    8. Carve a pumpkin.
Complete the crossword puzzle.  
2 3
4 5 6
4 6


1. The ____ likes to drink blood.
4. The witch flies on her ____.
6. The witch's pet is a black ____.
8. The ____ house is scary!
9. The ____ shakes its bones.
2. We carve a ____ to make a Jack-O-Lantern.
3. The ____ can cast spells.
4. The ____ flies at night.
5. The ____ hoots.
6. The witch mixes her magic  brew in a ____.
7. The ____ says BOOO!
                                                                                  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
                                                                                                     by Anna Pessoa





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