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 Find out what the verb is and write it in the past simple form.
1. The girls pizza in the evening. (tae)
2. Ron a model airplane. (duilb)
3. Suzanna her bike. (eird)
4. Mrs. Gov the dog. (lkaw)
5. The boys in the sand (lapy)
6. Mrs. Gold a haircut. (vahe)
7. Tina and her mother shopping. (og)
8. David first prize in the science competition. (niw)
9. Gina a love letter from Dave. (teg)
10. Mr Hofman happy when he the news. ( eb, dear)
11. Ted Baker  a wonderful cake for Valentine's Day. (keba)
12. The brave fireman the kid. (vase)
13. Mike and Rita together at the party last Friday. (cenda)
14. Ted so deeply so he didn't wake up on time. (lesep)
15. Mrs. Brains us English (ceath)
16. Ben a blue butterfly. (tcahc)
17. Miriam her homework (od)
18. Henia on the Internet looking for information for her school paper. (furs).
19. Dam and Rose for the bus together (tiaw).
20. Mrs. Teller the children a nice story. (letl)
Match the sentences to the pictures.
sentence number sentence number sentence number sentence number
sentence number sentence number sentence number sentence number






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