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Some/any/every and Indefinite pronouns

Warm-up activity                                                                                                                

Watch the video and complete the lyrics with some/any/every or an indefinite pronoun.

Roy Orbison (You got it)
 time I look into your lovely eyes
I see a love that money just can't buy
One look from you, I drift away
I pray that you are here to stay.
 you want, you got it
 you need, you got it
 at all, you got it
 time I hold you I begin to understand
 about you  me I'm your man
I live my life to be with you
 can do the things you do
 you want, you got it
 you need, you got it
 at all, you got it
 you want (You got it)
 you need (You got it)
 at all (You got it)
I'm glad to give my love to you
I know you feel the way I do
 you want, you got it
 you need, you got it
 at all, you got it
 at all, baby
You got it.


 1. Complete the following gaps with Some/any/every or an Indefinite pronoun. Choose the appropriate verbal tense when asked to.
a.  there  here who  the answer?
b. I'm very upset because  can help me with my problem.
c. Would you like  tea?
d. Can I have  to drink?
e. I have looked for new ideas  but I still haven't found
f.  doctor will tell you that smoking is bad for your health.
g. There   you can hide. I'll find you!
h.  student in my class  his/her own book.
i.  I go, I find nice people.
j.  people say that this is a haunted house.
k. I didn't see  interesting at the party yesterday.
l.  time she remembers her boyfriend, she cries.
m. I don't understand , I know  about this subject.
n. May I have  juice, please?
o.  broke into our house last night.
2. Complete the following crossword. Use the sentences to help you.
1. The lights are off. ... is at home.
2. What a mess!! There is water ...
3. Come on! It is not difficult at all. ... knows the answer!
4. People say that there is a treasure ... in this house.
5. Did you buy ...?
6. ... student in this class knows how to spell "HOUSE".
7. I have ... for you.
8. Please, touch ... in this shop. The things here are very valuable.
9. I want ... rice, please.





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