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1) Write the name of the following Halloween elements:
ghost - pumpkin - candies - jack o'lantern - spider - witch
2) Maths Class ... We are going to decorate our classroom. You have to guess the price of the decorations, following the instructions below. Write the prices on the line.
  c)      d) 
   e)     f)
  1. The candies cost 20 pence.
  2. The ghost costs 15 pence.
  3. The pumpkin costs 24 pence more than the candies. 
  4. The witch costs 15 pence more than the ghost.
  5. The Jack o'Lantern costs 15 pence more than the pumpkin.
  6. The spider costs 13 pence more than the ghost.

3) Draw a picture of your classroom, decorated with the previous decorations.





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