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-do homework every day

-watch TV in the afternoon


-help the parents at home


-play video ganes


-like the tests


-wear school uniform


-drink milk in the mornings


        Ask Yes/ No questions and answer them
 1. Silvia do homework every day?   

5. Rosa wear uniform to school ? 

2. Roberto and John like tests?                                           

6.  Roberto and Anna help their parents at home?                                          

3.  Rosa like video games ?            

7. Anna do homework every day?   

 4. Roberto and John drink milk in the mornings?                                        

8.  Silvia watch T.V.in the afternoon?                                         

  doesn't/ don't
1. Two pupils   do homework every day.     4. Roberto and John  drink milk in the mornings.
2. Two girls  like tests.        6. One boy  help their parents at home.
3. Rosa like video games  8. One girl  watch T.V. in the afternoon
             Write the verbs in Present Simple

do,  watch, wear,  drink, help, like, play

                                                      1. Anna  homework every day.
                                                      2. Roberto and Anna  the parents at home?
                                                      3. Anna T.V.  in the afternoon.
                                                      4. Anna milk in the mornigs.
                                                      5. John  video games.
                                                      6. Rosa  school uniform.
 by Victoria Barachman
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