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PAST SIMPLE or PRESENT PERFECT? worksheet preview

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Past v Present Perfect Tense

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Present Perfect - Past Simple

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past simple presenr perfect worksheet preview
past simple presenr perfect

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Present Perfect or Past Simple
  1. They  each other only last year.
  2. I am sorry I  and I am afraid I  what you said.
  3. They  here all their life and they are not going to move.
  4. He  a new job and he is very happy about it.
  5. Last week our teacher  us a lot of work to do, but we  even a half of it yet.
  6. She  home at 5 o'clock yesterday and  to bed stright away.
  7. We  the news, you do not have to tell us once more.
  8. A:  Mary recently? B: Yes, I think I  her last week.
  9. The teacher  into the classroom and now she is checking who is absent.
  10. We  a lot of new words by heart lately. Last year we  so many.
  11. I  this man in my entire life! Why is he claiming to know me?
  12. A: When  this course? I do not remember exactly. I think it  last month.
  13. Why  me yet? I  for his phone call for ages!
  14. I  four of six books so far. Last week  enough time for reading, but this week I  two and a half books! That makes more than a half now!






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