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Present Simple/English test/ 3 pages
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         Add the ending -s- if necessary 
  1. I (go) to school every day.
  2. You(read) a lot of books.
  3. He(drink) milk in the morning.
  4. We(listen) to music every evening.
  5. They(speak) about their day in the evening.
  6. She(sing) at her music lesson every Wednesday.
  7. It(sleep) at the door.
  8. I and my friend(go) to the cinema a lot.
  9. A cat and a dog(play) together.
  10. A dog(eat) its food.
  11. A cat(like) mice.
  12. Two cats(like) mice.
  13. One cat and one rabbit(live) in the same room.
  14. Three friends(go) to the forest every autumn.
  15. A real friend(help) you if you need it.
  16. My friend always (help) me if I need it.
  17. Their dog(have) a lot of toys.
  18. Our cat(have) a lot of toys too.
  19. Mary(have) a sister and a brother.
  20. Fred(live) in that house.
  21. Mary and Fred(live) in that house.
  22. My mother(work) five days a week.
  23. My father(work) at school.
  24. My mother and father(work) very much.
  25. My parents(love) me a lot.
  26. My granny(love) me a lot too.
  27. My grandparents(love) me and my sister.
  28. The animals(drink) water.
  29. The child(play) in the morning.
  30. Children(play) in the morning.
  31. The children(play) in the morning.
  32. The child and his mother(help) each other.
  33. The mother and her child(help) each other.
  34. The mother and her children(help) one another.
  35. Our teacher(help) us.
  36. The doctors(help) us.
  37. The policeman(help) us.
  38. The women(buy) a lot of things.
  39. The mice(eat) cheese.
  40. That man(eat) cheese.
  41. The snowmen(melt) in spring.
  42. Tim(go) to school every weekday.





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