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In the classroom
Level: elementary
Age: 6-14
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Level: elementary
Age: 7-17
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In the classroom
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Age: 7-12
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In the Classroom
Level: elementary
Age: 8-12
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Look at Jeff.

Jeff is a pupil.

  • Jeff's notebook is the desk.
  • Jeff is the chair.
  • The pencil box is  the desk.
  • The bag is the desk.

Look at  Kim. 

               Kim is a pupil.
  • Kim's pencil box is the desk.
  • The pen is   Kim's hands.   
  • The pencils are  the notebook.
  •  The bag is  the chair.      

This is Tom.

Tom is a pupil too.
  • The notebook is the desk. 
  • Tom is sitting  the chair.  
  • The pencils are the floor.
  • The ruler is the eraser.           

           1. Kim has five pencils.          Yes/ No                     6. Jeff has one bag.                     Yes / No         

2. Kim has one bag.                Yes / No                    7. Jeff's bag is on the desk.          Yes/ No   

          3. Tom has two pencils.          Yes/ No                     8. The red bag is under the desk.    Yes / No
          4.Tom has a ruler.                  Yes/ No                    9.  Kim's bag is on the chair.           Yes / No
          5. Jeff has four books.          Yes/ No                    10. Kim has a blue notebook.            Yes/ No
Jeff's bag is  .
Tom has a  ruler.
Tom's notebook is .
Kim's T-shirt is .
Jeff's jeans are  .
Jeff has a   T-shirt.
Tom has a  T-shirt.
Jeff's notebook is  .
Kim has a  notebook.
Jeff's cap is  .
Kim has two   pencils.
Tom's desk  is .
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