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True Thumbs Up     or              False Thumbs Down
  1.  There is one white dog.            There are two white dogs.
  2.  The dog is sleeping.                   The dog is smiling.
  3. There are 7 apples in the tree.   There are 4 apples in the tree.
  4. All of the apples are red.            Some of the apples are red.
  5.  The house has 3 windows.         The house has two windows.

        Tell your teacher or your parent. Start your sentence with the phrase I CAN SEE

  1. I can see a  
  2. I can see a  
  3. I can see a  
  4. I can see an   
  5. I can see a  
  6. I can see       
  7. I can see a    
  8. I can see      
  9. I can see a yellow  
  10. I can see a   





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