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Modal Verbs
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MODALS 1: fill in the blanks with the right modal(SHOULD/SHOULDN'T)
1. My car has broken down, I think I  call a mechanic.
2. Her hair is very long, I think she  go to the hairdresser's.
3. Brice is very ill today. I think he  go to the doctor's.
4. The road is wet. I think you  drive too fast.
5. Mike is very fat. I think he  eat more salads. He  eat so much junk food.
6. Emma is very shy. I think she  be more natural. She  be more self-confident.
MODALS 2: choose the right modal according to the context.
1. Brenda is very talented. She  sing and dance at the same time.
2. John is often bad-tempered. I think he  take a break and leave town to spend a few days in the country.
3. That dog looks smart and obedient. We  adopt it.
4. When pupils are in the classroom, they  chat or be rude but they  ask the teacher questions.
5. Paul and Jenny are going to get married. We  think about a present.





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