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Describing Personality
Level: elementary
Age: 12-17
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Personality adjectives (Greyscale + KEY included)
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Age: 12-17
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Personality Adjectives
1. Complete the sentences with theappropriate words


1. Tim never helps withthe housework. He’s so !

2. Zoe was of Linda. She was much prettier than Zoe,and more intelligent, too.

3. Karen rarely gets angry withpeople. She’s usually and understanding.

4. Pam is very . I’m sure you’ll like her when you meether.

5. The teacher felt verywhen all her students passed the exam.


6. My friend Rainia is very . She is good at learning things.

7. People who push in front of you in queues are very !

8. My sister Marisa is . I'm the opposite. I'm very outgoing.

9. My brother Jorge is very .  His bedroom is always tidy.

10. My neighbour is a good person. She has been very to me

2. Find the opposites



























3. Star signs- what personality adjectives relate to which star sign? Do you agree?

Aries: Mar 21- Apr 20
You won't stand in the corner at the party.
You can do the can-can on the table.
You tell no lies.
You will tell if you don't like somebody's after shave.
Taurus: Apr 21-May 20
You never give up without a fight.
You know that you are good.
You work 18 hours a day and still have the strength for parties.
Gemini: May 21-Jun 20
You think you are good.
You think you are better than everybody else.
You spend half of the day in front of the mirror.
Cancer: Jun 21- Jul 20
You are like a donkey.
You love money.
You won't share your presents with anyone.
Leo: Jul 21- Aug 21
You behave like the weather in April.
You can only see one side of things.
You hate to lose.
Virgo: Aug 22- Sep 22
You aren't brave.
You don't do much.
You won't give money to charity.
Libra: Sep 23- Oct 22
You use your common sense.
You won't hurt a fly.
You give money to poor people.
Scorpio: Oct 23- Nov 22
You are always in the corner.
You don't mind green hair.
You understand people's problems.
Sagitarius: Nov 23- Dec 20
You are not afraid of climbing mountains.
You want to go to wild places.
You are very energetic.
Capricorn: Dec 21- Jan 19
You don't like standing in a queue.
Everybody can count on you.
Your room is always clean.
Aquarius: Jan 20- Feb 18
You have memory like a sieve.
You can change a simple thing into a piece of art.
You don't like cleaning your room.
Pisces: Feb 19- Mar 20
You are afraid that the whole world is looking at you.
You don't have secrets.
People can easily upset you.
Do you believe in it?





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