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                PART TWO -  GRAMMAR TEST  -   B1 LEVEL                                           

 LANGUAGE AWARENESS TASK 1  Read the text below and decide which answer (a, b, c or d) best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0)

Women and Computers

         Grace Murray Hopper

Grace Murray Hopper was a remarkable woman and a leader in the field of software development. She contributed (0. example)    to    the transition from primitive programming techniques to the use of sophisticated computer languages.

Grace Murray (21)  XXX  on December 9, 1906 in New York City. In 1928 she graduated from Vassar College in mathematics and physics and joined the faculty. (22)  XXX  she was teaching at Vassar, she continued her studies at Yale University, (23)  XXX  she took a doctorate in mathematics in 1934.

In 1930 Grace Murray (24)  XXX  Vincent Foster Hopper. They were happy (25)  XXX  for 15 years but had (26)  XXX  children. She remained at Vassar (27)  XXX  a professor (28)  XXX  1943, when she joined the United States Navy to assist her country (29) iXXX  the war. She was given a post at the Bureau of Computation Project at Harvard University, where she (30)  XXX  on the Mark series of computers.

After her husband (31)  XXX  in 1945, she resigned from Vassar and (32)  XXX  a researcher in applied physics at Harvard’s Computation Laboratory. In 1949 she (33)  XXX  the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation and worked with them. Eighteen years (34)  XXX  she returned to active duty in the Navy.

She retired in 1971 but continued teaching for the computer industry. She passed away in her sleep in 1992.  Since her death her colleague Elenor Briggs (35)  XXX  on her projects. Brewster Academy, a school located in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, United States, dedicated their computer lab to her in 1985, calling it the Grace Murray Hopper Center for Computer Learning. Hopper (36)  XXX her childhood summers at a family home in Wolfeboro.




a.       to

b.      at

c.       on

d.      of






a.       was born

b.      born

c.       is born

d.      had born


a.       During

b.      Within

c.       Ever

d.      While


a.       where

b.      when

c.       while

d.      which


a.       married

b.      got married

c.       had married

d.      had got married


a.       with them

b.      together

c.       both

d.      each other


a.       any

b.      no

c.       none

d.      without


a.       like

b.      with

c.       for

d.      as


a.       since

b.      to

c.       until

d.      for


a.       along

b.      lasting

c.       while

d.      during


a.       has worked

b.      was worked

c.       worked

d.      has been worked


a.       dead

b.      was died

c.       died

d.      had dead


a.       became

b.      began

c.       did

d.      won


a.       was joining

b.      joined

c.       had joined

d.      has joined


a.       after

b.      then

c.       following

d.      later


a.       has been working 

b.      is working              

c.       worked

d.      works


a.       has spent

b.      had spent

c.       was spent

d.      was spending


                                                                                                                                                                                                       Half mark per correct answer =  8 marks

LANGUAGE AWARENESS TASK 2  In the following sentences one of the words is an extra word. Find it and

write it in the box.



In winter I hardly ever have the lunch at home with my family.




37. When I was in London, I went sightseeing and visited the Buckingham Palace.

38. I can book our hotel room as soon as I will get your e-mail.

39. When I was living in New York, I have worked for the Embassy.

40. Martin helped me to move the cupboard because it was too much heavy for me to lift.

41. Hillary is training hard at the local swimming pool for to join the junior team.

42. My wife tells to everybody that I can't cook well.

43. How long time did it take you to get to the station by car?

44. We must to take that into consideration next time.       
                                                                                                                                      Half mark per correct answer = 4 marks   

 LANGUAGE AWARENESS TASK 3  - Sentence transformation. Complete the second sentence so that it has

the same meaning as the first. Do NOT use more than three words. Write only the missing words in the boxes. 


Look at the examples:

     Lisbon is cheaper than Milan.

New York is     more expensive     than Lisbon. (2 WORDS)

     How about going to the cinema next Saturday?

Why    don’t we   go to the cinema next Saturday? (3 WORDS)


45. There is too much noise in discos.

Discos are noisy.


46. If I don’t go on a diet, I will put on more weight.

I will put on more weight unless I on a diet.


47. Why don’t you give them a hand with their luggage?

If I were you, I give them a hand with their luggage.


48. I haven’t seen my uncle for years.

It’s been years I saw my uncle.


49. There are only a few tickets left for the concert.

There aren’t tickets left for the concert.


50. This bedroom is too small for three people.

This bedroom isn’t   for three people.


51. My colleagues were very interested in the presentation.

My colleagues found the presentation .


52. You can’t wear shoes in a mosque.

You wear shoes in a mosque.                                                                      1 mark per correct answer = total 8 marks



                                                           Total for this grammar section 20 marks. Pass mark = 12/20                    Adapted by Rossana M.




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