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Simple Present Tense

A. Choose the correct form of the verbs to complete the sentences.

1. Ann always   in the pool.
2. Karl often  the newspaper.
3. Helen and I  a lot.
4. John  a trip to Europe.
5. They always  at the club.
6. We  together.
7. She  a horse.
8. Francis  homework very quickly.
9. Mrs Brown  her bedroom.
10. Carl  at home.
11. You  home early.
12. The dog  some meat.
13. The man  his taxi.
14. Mr Brown sometimes  up at 7 a.m.
15. Chris  ice-reams everyday.
16. Eva sometimes   medals.
17. Ann and Sue  friends.
18. My parents often  to England.
19. I usually  a film.
20. You often  headaches.
21. She  holidays in the South of France.
22. Jennifer always  my breakfast at school.
23. Helen and Ben often  to save the planet.
24. Pat  a very good student.
25. John always  the door when he leaves.





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