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What can I do?

can worksheet preview

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Using Hands - What can you do?

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Can animals do this (Can or can't) worksheet preview
Can animals do this (Can or can't)

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         kangaroo                               birds                                        lion                                   fish


1. Write the name of the animal.

1.  can jump.     2.  can swim.     3.  can run.     4.  can fly.


2. Write the verb.

swim   jump   fly   run.

1. Kangaroo can't  and  and .     2. Birds can't  and  and .

3. Lion can't  and.     4. Fish can't  and  and .

3. Watch a video about can/can't

What can the boy do?  

He can  and .

4. What can little Tom do? ( find the verbs )

3 2

1. Smiley Face Outline clipart     2. Soup Vector Clipart illustration     3.      4. Mother Playing Patty Cake with Her Baby






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