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Grammar and exercises on the comparative and superlative of adjectives. I hope you like it and find it useful. Have a wonderful evening/day.Hugs!
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20 test questions about comparatives and superlatives. With these tests I find it easy to identify where students have problems. Hope you also find it useful:))))))))
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This ws is mainly for false beginners. There are some explanations, rules, and oral and written exercises. Hope it will be useful for your students. =)
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I think this will be be the last worksheet on adjectives. It includes two activities. I made it for my students so they can have enough practice on this lesson. I included a balck and white version. Answer key is also included. I hope you like it.
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Look at the pictures and fill in the gaps using comparatives. Hope you like it and find it useful:-)
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Students read the information about three boys and do the three exercises in which they have to answer questions, correct information and write sentences using the prompts. I hope you like it and find it useful.
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Adjectives: Degrees of Comparison

  1. Bulgaria is an  European state founded in 681.
  2. Sofia is the  city in Bulgaria.
  3. Of the two spa hotels, the Bankya Spa Palace  is  .
  4. The Boyana Church is  church  in Mount Vitosha near Sofia.
  5. The Lom River is  than the Iskar River.
  6. The cobbled streets in Old Town in Veliko Tarnovo are  than the streets in Old Town in Plovdiv.
  7. Bulgariana is the   Randall Baker’s book translated into Bulgarian.
  8. This year we are taking an  vacation in Sinemorets, at the seaside.
  9. Turkish coffee is  in Bulgaria than in Turkey.
  10. English is  than German.
  11. This is the  meat I have ever eaten.
  12. My nephew works in an office building which is  than ours.
  13. Violeta is 60 and Leda is 88. Violeta is  than Leda.
  14. Vera is  than Mila.
  15. Of the three coffee grinders, I like the Armenian best. I find it .
  16. Three Programs in One Classroom is my  book. I am planning to write a book with travel notes about the countries I have been to.
  17. The town of Ahtopol is not as attractive the town of Sozopol.
  18. Our condominium in downtown Sofia is  big as yours in Tsarevo.








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