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A. Look at the pictures below and choose the correct form to finish the sentences.





10 years old

11 years old

10 years old

12 years old

1. John has got...
a) short, straight, dark hair.
b) short, dark, straight hair.
c) dark, straight, short hair.
2. John's eyes are ...
a) grey.
b) green.
c) black.
3. Bill has got ... hair.
a) straight
b) wavy
c) curly
4. Ann's hair is ...
a) short
b) long
c) medium
5. Sue's hair is...
a) red
b) brown
c) black
6. Sue has got ... eyes.
a) brown
b) green
c) blue
7. Sue has got ...
a) a fringe
b) freckles
c) glasses
8. Ann has got a ...
a) a pigtail.
b) a ponytail.
c) spiky hair.
9. John's face is ...
a) square.
b) oval.
c) round.
10. John and Ann are ... years old.
a) eleven
b) twelve
c) ten
11. Sue is ... years old.
a) ten
b) eleven
c) twelve
12. Bill is ....
a) older than John.
b) younger than John.
c) as old as John.
13. Sue is ...
a) as old as the others.
b) the youngest.
c) the oldest.
14. You can see ...
a) three boys and one girl.
b) two boys and two girls.
c) three girls and one boy. 





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