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Feelings and emotions multiple choice worksheet preview
Feelings and emotions multiple choice

Feelings and emotions worksheet preview
Feelings and emotions

Reading Exercise 1 worksheet preview
Reading Exercise 1

การบรรยายลักษณะและความรู้สึกต่างๆ worksheet preview

feelings worksheet preview

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Feelings and emotions - quiz (greyscale included)
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Feelings and emotions (Greyscale + KEY included)
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A. Choose the correct option

happy angryexcited scared surprised worried upset bored

B. Now complete the sentences with a suitable adjective

- Ann is having fun with her friends, she's

- Helen was late for work yesterday, she's late again today, her boss is
- There was a thief in my house, I was so
- John lost his wedding ring, he was
- Ann hasn't phoned since last month, we are
- I didn't expect a party! I was really
- The children were very about the trip.

C. Can you find six of the eight adjectives in exercise A?





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