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Age: 10-14
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Form and use of the present perfect, including the use of "already", "just", "yet", "ever", "never", "for" and "since" and the difference between "been" and "gone". There is an exercise in which students have to use one of the verbs in the list in the present perfect, they have pictures that will help them in their task. I hope you like it and find...
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I prepared this as a test for my sts but you can adapt it as a ws. Good practice of Simple past and present perfect in contrast and related adverbs of time. There´s also an exercise on Modal Verbs. Hope you find it useful too!
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Several exercises that might be useful to practise the PRESENT PERFECT tense.
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One more grammar-guide. This time it is about the present perfect tense. With B&W version. Forms and the use of present perfect.
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GRAMMAR TIME - PRESENT PERFECT (with key editable)
5 different exercises on present perfect. hope u find it useful! thanks for your comments! have a nice week! HUGS :))
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Present Perfect or Past Simple ( B&W and KEY included )
An easy ws to see the differences between past simple and present perfect.5 diferent tasks : 1) Sts fill in the blanks with the words in the box. 2) They choose the correct answer: Past or Perfect? 3) They rewrite the sentences ( past or perfect ) 4)Sts fill in the blanks with suitable tense. 5) They correct the mistakes.
Level: elementary
Age: 11-17
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1. Study the chart and complete the examples:





We use the Present Perfect to:

- talk about experiences:
"I've been to London twice."
- Actions that started in the past and continue in the present:
"I have worked as a teacher for ten years"
- Past actions that have a result in the present:
"She has lost her keys" 
We use ALREADY to talk about an action that has been completed before we expected
It is normally used in affirmative sentences:
"We have already had lunch"
But it can also be used in interrogative sentences such as:
"Has the class  begun?"
Position within the sentence: before the participle.
We use YET to talk about an action that hasn't been completed, but we expect it to happen. It is used in negative and interrogative sentences:
"Have they arrived yet?"
"She hasn't eaten anything .."
Position within the sentence: at the end of the sentence.
We use JUST to talk about actions that happened RECENTLY.
"Dan and Kelly have  had a baby girl" (it means the baby was born a few days ago)
Position: before the participle.
2. Change the following sentences into the negative. Pay attention to ALREADY and YET! Use the short forms of verbs (haven't/hasn't) and do not add a full stop at the end of the sentence.
a) My sister has already arrived home. .
b) Our neighbours have already cut the old tree. .
c) Alex has already finished his dinner. .
d) My parents have already decided to buy a new car. .
e) The teacher has already given the results of the last exam..
f) I have already bought all my Christmas presents. .
g) We have already washed the dishes. .
h) My cousin has already travelled to New York. .
i) Jane and Sara have already seen that film. .
j) She has already sent all the postcards. .
3. Look at the pictures and complete:
a) The baker  (already/bake) a lot of cakes, butter rolls and bread. In fact, he  (just/make) a delicious apple pie.
b) My car broke down yesterday and I took it to the garage. I  (just/be) there, but they  (not/repair) it .
c) The taylor  (not/finish) the suit .
d) The pirates  (already/find) the treasure map, but they  (not/find) the treasure .
4. Choose the correct option:
      a) The children . They went with their teacher.
     b) My mum . She was still preparing it five minutes ago.
     c) I . He was quite nervous all the time.
     d) Many people report UFO sightings, but I , so I think they don't exist.
     e) Diane . She had wonderful news!
Good Luck!



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