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1. Let's ask some YES/NO questions with DO, DOES, IS, ARE, AM, WAS, WERE. Choose the correct option for the following questions:
a)  you Italian? Yes, I am. I come from Pisa.
b)  your father work in that factory? No, he doesn't. He's a carpenter.
c)  I right? No, I'm sorry. You aren't right. The correct answer is "red".
d)  Peter with you yesterday evening? No, he wasn't. He was at the library.
e)  your friends at the cinema with you last Saturday? Yes, they were.
f)  you think David is a good football player? Yes, of course!
g)  the train station near here, please? Yes, it's next to that bank over there.
h)  the film good? No, it wasn't. It was quite boring.
i)  this handbag belong to Diane? I don't know.
j)  you doing your homework? Yes, I am.
2. Ask questions for the following answers. Remember to use the question mark (?):
a)  No, I don't like ice-cream.
b)  No, my sister doesn't go to Peter's class.
c)  Yes, Dave is working for his uncle.
d)  Yes, John was at the party last Friday.
e)  Yes, Alice and Patty were ill yesterday.
f)  No, you aren't in Elm Street. You are in Oak Street.
g)  Yes, I was frightened after the film. It was really scary!
h)  Yes, my parents watch TV in the evenings.
i)  No, my brother doesn't borrow my clothes. They are too small for him.
j)  No, I'm not tired of doing exercises. It's great fun!
3. Join the sentences with the pictures and complete with a suitable answer:
a)   your parents understand you?
b)  there many people waiting for the bus?
c)  you sending an email to Peter and Sally?
d)  it hurt?
e)  the chicken tasty?
f)  the T-shirt fit you?



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