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Daily Routines

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Daily routines on school days

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Daily Routines
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 Complete this part of the dialogue (write the hours in letters):
Interviewer: So...  do yo wake up?
Louise: I wake up at  usually.
Interviewer: Ok...And  you brush your  after that?
Louise: No, first I like to eat .
Interviewer: Ok...What  you  for breakfast?
Louise: I like to have a cup of  and usually  cereal.
Interviewer: Ok, and after that  you ?
Turn the pictures into the corresponding words as they are said in the dialogue:
Louise: After that I take a   
Interviewer: Ok and then, What  do you  
Louise: After the shower.
Interviewer: Ok. What time do you leave your   to go to work?
Louise: Mmmm...I go to work around  
Order the sentences. Write NUMBERS:
 Interviewer: What time do you finish lunch...not lunch...work?
 Louise: I like to eat a sandwich.
 Louise: I have lunch around on o'clock.
 Interviewer: How far is that?
 Louise: More coffee.
 Interviewer: And how do you go home from work?
 Interviewer: What do you usually have for lunch?
 Louise: Mmmm...I walk.
 Interviewer: and what do you drink with your sandwich?
 Louise: It's a 20-minute walk.
 Interviewer: And what time do you have lunch?
 Louise: I finish work....errr...at 6 o'clock or 6:30 in the evening.
Order the yellow parts:
Interviewer: Ok, and  (you what do do) once you get home?
Louise: When I get home  ( cook start I  dinner to) and while I cook dinner,  (watch television I ).
Interviewer:  (eat time do What your you) dinner?
Louise:  ( 8 eat at I o'clock dinner).
Interviewer: And  (you do what do) after you've eaten your dinner?
Louise:  (watch I more) television.
Interviewer: What time  (go bed you  do to) ?
Louise:  (go I 11 bed at to o'clock).
Interviewer: Ok, thank you!

By Lovinglondon

Choose the correct alternative:
1) What time she  up?
    - She up at 8.30.
2) What does she for breakfast?
    - She a cup of coffee and some cereal.
3) When she brush her teeth?
    - She her teeth after the shower.
4) What time she leave house to go to work?
    - She at 10.00 o´clock
5) What time does she lunch?
    - She has lunch around 13.00 o'clock.
6) What time she work?
    - She work at 18.00 or 18.30 in the evening.
7) How  home?
    - She home on foot.
8) What time  dinner?
    - She dinner at 20.00 o´clock.
9) What  after dinner?
    - She television.
10) What time to bed?
    - She to bed at 23.00 o'clock.





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