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Greetings/Introducin g
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       1)      How are you?

A)    My name is Ahmet.

B)    Good evening.

C)    Nice to meet you.

D)    I am very well, thank you.


2)      What is your name?

A)    Her name is Zehra.

B)    Fine, and you.

C)    My name is Zeynep.

D)    I am from Kayseri.


3)      Where are you from?

A)    I am form Antalya.

B)    Good affternoon Mr Smith.

C)    I am ten years old

            D)    He is 13 years old.


4)      How old are you?

A)    I am from Bursa.

B)    My name is Clara.

C)    I am thirteen years old.

D)    Nice to meet you Ali.


5)      What is your job?

A)    My name is Murat.

B)    He is from Mexico.

C)    I am a teacher.

D)    She is twenty years old.,


6)      What colour is your car?

A)    It is very big.

B)    They are green.

C)    I am very well.

D)    It is grey.

7)      What is your job?

A)    I am an engin.

B)    I am an enginer.

C)    I am an engineer.

D)    I am an engiiner.

8)      What is that mum?

A)    These are bananas.

B)    That are birds.

C)    These is books.

D)    That is a pencil.

9)      What are those Ayþe?

A)    Those are clothes.

B)    This is a red mirror.

C)    These are shoes.

D)    That is a telephone.


10)   Ý: …………………………………

S: It is blue.

A)    What colour are those?

B)    What colour is blue?

C)    What colour are cars?

D)    What colour is your coat?






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