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blackboard    chalk      briefcase     file       folder
highlighter    notebook   pencil sharpener  photocopier
plug            rubber       socket     pencil    tape
Can you see the following objects in this picture?
If you can, tick the box.
  1. a highlighter
  2. a board
  3. a rubber
  4. a pencil
  5. a plug
  6. a socket
  7. a notebook
  8. a tape
  9. a pencil sharpener
  10.  a photocopier
  11. a briefcase
  12. a file
  13. a folder
  14. a pen
  15. chalk

  1. If you want the sentence to be bright you use a
  2. If you want to write on the blackboard you use
  3. You usually keep your documents in a  (4 letters) or in a  (5 letters)
  4. When you go to work and you need to carry a file, a folder, a notebook, then you put all of the things into a
  5. If you have made a mistake then you need a






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