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A. Fill in the missing word in each sentence- one word in each sentence.
  1. This room must cleaned before you go out.
  2. Something should done about your hair.
  3. Peter’s car has stolen again. That’s the third time this year.
  4. This hotel is not very good. My bed been made yet.
  5. When I got to the party all the food been eaten.
  6. When the lawyer arrived, his client had already taken away.
  7. The electricity being fixed today.
  8. Tom being kept in after school. I wonder why.
  9. The road widened last year.
  10. The streets cleaned twice a week.
  11. The floors being washed by the maid when I got home.
B. Choose the correct words.
  1. All sorts of things (are being left/ left/ are left) on buses.
  2. Jimmy (collects/ is collected/ is being collected) from school every day at 1 o’clock.
  3. John (didn’t pull down, wasn’t pulled down, doesn’t pull down) the fence. It (is blowing down, was blown down, blew down) by the wind.
  4. Dan (was hurt, hurt, is being hurt) badly in the game yesterday.
  5. The table (had been, has been, had) delivered only a month before it already looked old.
  6. I think she (born, is born, was born) in 1989 or 1987, but I am not sure.
  7. I (am interested/ have been interested) in stamps since I was little.
  8. That actress (wasn’t see, isn’t seen, hasn’t been seen) since 1985.
  9. We can’t go to that restaurant. It (was closed, has been closed) a month ago.
  10. My boss (isn’t given, isn’t giving, doesn’t give) me a raise this month. 

C. Rewrite the following sentences in the Passive Voice.
1.      The women are collecting money for the hospital
2.     David has sold the company.
  3.     The boys use the computer for the project.
4.     They maid was cleaning the room when I came in.
5.     Our school is sending food to the starving refugees.




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