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What are they going to do when they get home? worksheet preview
What are they going to do when they get home?

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“WH - QUESTION WORDS” - Who-Whose-What-When- Where-(( 5 Exercises / 85 Sentences to complete )) - Elementary/Intermedi ate - (( B&W VERSION INCLUDED ))
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Age: 6-17
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Dates - ordinal numbers: When is your birthday?
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Age: 8-12
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Level: intermediate
Age: 14-17
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Level: elementary
Age: 10-12
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Unscramble the sentences:
he sun shining The was  got up when.
While phone breakfast, the Alex was rang eating
playing While football, it they began were to rain.
when Jack  called walking down was the street the police. he  an accident. saw He
came into  While  were watching the room TV, they a burglar their money and stole .
 a noise was  in his John room working when heard . his dog He outside and went saw . chasing It was a cat. 





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