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Meriton Road, a short story worksheet preview
Meriton Road, a short story

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Read the story. Choose the answers to the questions.
The hummingbird is a tiny bird. It is so light it can sit on a flower. No other bird is so small.
A hummingbird’s nest would fit into one side of a nut shell. It holds two eggs. The eggs are as tiny as bees. Four baby hummingbirds would fit in a teaspoon.
It flies like a helicopter and its wings make a humming sound. That’s how it got its name.
1. How many hummingbirds would one teaspoon hold?
a. 2     b. 3              c. 4            d. 5
2. What word in the story means not heavy?
a. small         b. light       c. shell                   d. fill
3. The main idea of the story is:
a. living in a nut shell
b. helicopters                                  
c. how hummingbirds fly
d. the tiny hummingbird
4. Which bird is smaller than a hummingbird?                     
a. robin        b. wren       c. none          b. bluebird            
Read the story. Choose the answers for the questions.
Most boys and girls love popcorn. At the movies and the circus, you will see children eating popcorn.
Do you know why popcorn pops? Inside each kernel is a tiny bit of water. When the kernel gets hot, the water turns to steam. The steam pushes and pushes against the shell. Then — POP! goes the kernel. The steam pushes the popcorn inside out.
1. What is inside each popcorn kernel?
a. seeds       b. salt           c. water               d. heat                   
2. What is another word for kernel?
a. hot                              b. seed                 c. shell         d. pop        
3. The main idea of this story is:                                                
a. how good popcorn is
b. going to the circus
c. what children eat
d. why popcorn pops
4. What does water become when it’s heated?                           
a. steam     b. popcorn              c. kernels               d. dry
Read the story. Choose the answers to the questions.
Jack heard a strange sound. It came from the edge of the path. He walked toward the sound and saw a tiny gray kitten. Its back feet were caught in some string. He helped untangle the kitten and carefully carried it to a neighbor’s house.
1. Where was the kitten?                                  
a. in the neighbor’s yard.                                   
b. near the fence
c. at the edge of the path
d. at Jack’s house
2. What made Jack notice the kitten?            
a. he saw the string
b. he heard a strange sound
c. the neighbor told him
d. a dog was barking
3. What would be a good title for the story?
a A Kitten’s Friend          b. How to Save String         c. Jack’s Path       d. The Scary Sound           
4.What does untangle mean in this story?
a. tie up        b. make a sound       c.  take the string off     d. carry away                                           
Read the story. Choose the correct answers.
A starfish looks like a star. Most of them have five arms. Some have even more.
At the tip of each arm is an eye. The starfish has as many eyes as it has arms!
1. How many eyes do most starfish have?
a. 2               b. 4              c. 5            d. 7                                           
2. Is it possible to find a starfish with seven arms?
a. yes                   b. no                                                                         





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