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1.†††††† They †us not to wait for a long time.

2.†††††† They †to us not to wait for a long time.

3.†††††† They not to wait for a long time.

4.†††††† Peter Jane would come soon.

5.†††††† Peter to Jane to come soon.

6.†††††† Peter †Jane to come soon.

7.†††††† I† †my sister to clean her room.

8.†††††† My boss† †everybody to do their work.

9.†††††† The teacher to the class to hand in their homework.

10.†† The principal the class would go on an excursion soon.

  1. She† †me the truth.
  2. She she was right.
  3. The secretary boss was away on holiday.
  4. The secretary to boss she was away on holiday.
  5. The secretary† †boss she was away on holiday.
  6. I †Mary about the accident.
  7. I Mary had an accident.
  8. He to me that the results would be announced in two days.
  9. They †her all about the accident.
  10. They her accident was serious.
  11. They to her even though we had asked them not to tell.
  12. The principal †the students to resume their work.
  13. The principal †the students would resume their work.
  14. The principal †to the students to resume their work.
  15. I †everything what I wanted.
  16. She †to him without any necessity.
  17. They †that they would call the following week.
  18. I †you, that was enough.
  19. I †you were old enough to decide on your own.
  20. She †to the children to come back home right after the party.


1.†††††† Please donít †me that you have already done everything.

2.†††††† The teacher †her students to be quiet.

3.†††††† The teacher her students were quiet.

4.†††††† I cannot †that I like this party, but all in all it seems O.K.

5.†††††† Jane †Mary to be there on time.

6.†††††† Jane †Mary would be there on time.

7.†††††† They did not †that their car was broken.

8.†††††† I will never †where I have hidden your present.

9.†††††† Can you please †me where the airport is?

10.†† I will †the children all about that story.





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