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 I Can Read.

 Look at the pictures and read the text. Answer: True or false?.
1. The school principal is wearing glasses.   
2. The new teacher has short, straight hair.
3. The principal is going bald.
4. The new teacher has short, curly hair.
5. The new teacher's English is very good.

6. The bicycle isn't red.
7. There is a lot of snow on the bicycle.
8. The bicycle is covered in ice.
9. It's probably the beginning of summer. 
10. It's probably the end of summer. 

11. The boy is probably kissing his dad.
12. There are three pigs in the photo.
13. The boy is wearing jeans and a T-shirt.
14. The boy has brown hair.
15. The boy probably loves animals.

16. There are four chairs in the office. 
17. There aren't any pictures on the walls.
18. The desk is made of metal.
19. This is probably the manager's office.
20. This office is quite big and modern.





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