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Continuous Tenses Presentation worksheet preview
Continuous Tenses Presentation

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Diana is a .    She is  years old.  She's from  and lives in  . She likes
Chris is a .     He is  years old.  He's from  and lives in .    He likes
John is a .     He is  years old. He's from the  and lives in .    He likes
Bessie is a . She is  years old. She's from  and lives in .     She likes
She lives in Sydney and is 12 years old.   Her name is .  She likes
She lives in Dublin and is 8 years old.      Her name is .   She likes
He lives in New York and is 11 years old. His name is .      He likes
He lives in London and is 14 years old.    His name is .     He likes
Diana is from Ireland.       likes dancing
Bessie is from Australa.    likes horseriding
Johan is from the USA.     likes
Chris is from England.        
Sydney is a city in
Dublin is a city in
New York is a city in
London is a city in





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