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Pronouns of Agreement: So, Too, Either and Neither
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                  No or None?

                 Choose 'no' or 'none'.

1. Can you talk to me? - Sorry, I have  time.    
2. How many books have you bought?
3. We have  lessons today.
4.  of us were present at the meeting.
5. She had  difficulty finding her child.
           6. We can;t write a letter because there are  pens here.
           7. How many children have they got? -

                             Either ....or/Neither ...nor?

                  Choose the right variant. 

                 1. You must go. You can take  a bus  a taxi.

           2. Has anybody a pen? No.  Robert  I have.         
           3. Who can help you?  John  Kate can help me.
           4. Did he come yesterday? No, he  came  phoned.  
           5. What is his name? Is he Jack or Ben? - I'm not sure.
               He is  Jack  Ben.
           6. If you don't buy tickets beforehand, we'll not get
               to the theatre  to the concert.
           7. Where is she from? - I'm not sure. She is  Russian  Polish. 
           8.  Tom  I have a bike. We want to buy bikes soon.

                                   Either or Neither?

         1. Mary and I play badminton every day but  of us can play well.

         2. When shall I phone you, at 6 or at 7 o'clock? - . I'll be at home.
         3. I didn't know what had happend.  did my father.
         4. Mike hasn't a car. I haven't a car .
         5. We were invited to two parties but we didn't go to  of them.  
         6. Father hasn't read the newspaper.  have I.       





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