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relative clauses
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Relative Pronouns: Who- Which- That
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Relative pronouns are used to join sentences.


Ø We use who for people.

Ø We use which for things and animals.

Ø We use whose to express possession and other relationships.


Note: In certain sentences we can use that instead of which and who to refer to people, things and animals.






Complete the sentences with a relative pronoun or adverb.


1. The group of tourists was waiting for the guide  was inside the restaurant.


2. They chose a simple restaurant  sold Thai food.
3. They had already eaten Yorkshire pudding  was very good.
4. They ate a special curry  was recommended by the restaurant’s owner.

5. They passed some shops   windows were decorated for Christmas.
6. That's the woman  speaks Chinese.
7. The book  you read in the library was written by Dickens.
8. The restaurant  belongs to my uncle is very quiet.
9. The gentleman  is speaking Italian is my boss.
10. This is the book  author I met in a library.
11. Do you know the man  son had an accident yesterday?
12. The pub  is at the end of the street is very famous.
13. The students  came from France are very friendly.
14. This is the man  owns the restaurant.
15. Grace is the girl  has a vegetarian restaurant.



Join the sentences by means of a relative pronoun or adverb.


e.g. I know a bakery. It sells delicious biscuits and cakes.

I know a bakery which sells delicious biscuits and cakes.


  1. Here are the apples. I picked them this morning.

    2. That’s the old man. He sells vegetables in the local market.

    3. The girl is a great singer. Her boyfriend works in a bar.

    4. Hamburg is a German city. Hamburgers were invented there.

    5. My parents always go to restaurants late in the evening. They are quieter at this time.                                              
    6. This is the girl. She speaks English fluently.
    7. This is the bill. I have to pay it.
    8. This is the novel. It is very interesting.
    9. That is the boy. I met him in the supermarket.  
    10. This is the school. It is in front of my house.





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