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Fill in the following blanks using the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.Use simple present, simple past, present continuous, past continuous or future tense.

1.   He usually (wake)  up at 6 o'clock.

2.   They (have)  breakfast at the moment.

3.   He (buy)  a new bicycle yesterday.

4.   When I (see)  him, he (study)  English.

5.   We (live)  in Fatih.

6.   I (do)  my Turkish homework tonight.

7.   Be careful! Somebody (follow)  us.

8.   My father never (drink) before he (go)  to bed.

9.   Where  you (go)  last Sunday?

10. I hate him. I (not talk)  to him again.

11. Don't worry. I (phone) you when he (come) .

12. I (not see)  them last night.

13. While the man (repair) my radio, his son (play) with the tools.

14. He (go) mosque every Friday.

15. I (have)lunch with the new director tomorrow.

16. As I (swim) , it (start)  to rain.

17. Please (call)  me when the news (start) .

18.  he (pack)  his suitcases yesterday?

19.  he always (start)  work so late?

20.  they still (wait)  for me?

21. He (sell)  his car last Sunday.

22. He never (have)  breakfast at home.

23. I (visit) my grandparents next week.

24. She (not drink) tea in the evening.





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