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Reported speech worksheet preview
Reported speech

Reported Speech Sentence Transformations worksheet preview
Reported Speech Sentence Transformations

Reported Speech worksheet preview
Reported Speech

Reported Speech worksheet preview
Reported Speech

Reported Speech: Questions, Commands, Requests - Reporting Verbs worksheet preview
Reported Speech: Questions, Commands, Requests - Reporting Verbs

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Reported Speech exercises
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Technicum Si-Tarek of Relizane
Second / Third Year Pupils - Scientific Streams
Reference sheet –I-B
Reported Speech

Special reporting verbs

Activity: Choose the suitable verb.
1) Direct = “Why don't we go to the cinema?” he said. Indirect =
Question Indirect = He                          to the cinema.
a) suggested going
b) thanked for going
c) promised to go
d) warned against going
2) Direct = “Watch out! The bull looks dangerous,” they said
Question Indirect = They                           the dangerous bull.
a) denied going to
b) warned us against
c) accused us of coming to
d) promised not to come
3) Direct = “Daddy, I'm going out with John,” she said.
Question Indirect = Sue                           with John.
a) denied going out
b) confessed that she was going
c) apologized for going out
d) regretted going out
4) Direct = “What a pity I didn't see the ceremony,” he said.
Question Indirect = He                           not seeing the ceremony.
a) regretted
b) accused
c) denied
d) advised
5) Direct = “You are right. it was a mistake to get up so early,” Chris said.
Question Indirect = Chris                          early was a mistake.
a) admitted getting up
b) begged getting up
c) denied to get up
d) advised getting up
6) Direct = “Thank you very much indeed,” he said.
Question Indirect = He                           Susan.
a) refused
b) thanked
c) promised
d) explained
7) Direct = “Robert, welcome to our city!” the Lord Mayor said.
Question Indirect = The Lord Mayor                           Robert.
a) explained
b) admitted
c) thanked
d) greeted
8) Direct = “Look, he is a thief!” the greengrocer said.
Question Indirect = The greengrocer                           him of being a thief.
a) accused
b) advised
c) greeted
d) regretted
9) Direct = “I will help you, Tom, for sure,” the teacher said.
Question Indirect = The teacher                           to help Tom.
a) promised
b) denied
c) suggested
d) regretted
10) Direct = “Stay with us until tomorrow, OK. ?
Question Indirect = The uncle                           on our staying with them for the night.
a) admitted
b) explained
c) begged
d) insisted
11) Direct = “How about having a swim?”  they said.
Question Indirect = They                           having a swim.
a) suggested
b) wam
c) refused
d) accused
12) Direct = “Mummy, buy me that toy, please, please,” the kid said.
Question Indirect = The kid                           her Mum to buy him a toy.
a) advised
b) suggested
c) begged
d) confessed
13) Direct = “It's a pity we didn't meet the president,” they said.
Question Indirect = They                           not meeting the president.
a) warned
b) promised
c) regretted
d) accused
14) Direct = “Look out! Timber!” the foreman said.
Question Indirect = The foreman                           the other workers against the falling tree.
a) promised
b) insisted
c) suggested
d) warned
15) Direct = “You'd better start learning for the exam, Roger,” the biology teacher said.
Question Indirect = The biology teacher                            Roger to start learning for the exam.
a) promised
b) advised
c) suggested
d) denied





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