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Relative clause
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Adjectival Clause part 1 (who, whom, whose & which) + KEY
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Fill in the correct relative pronoun.
1. Did you see the man  stole her bag ?
2. The eggs  you have bought are bad.
3. How old is the man  owns this shop?
Fill in "who,whose,which,where".
My school  is called  King Edward's, has about 2000 students. My favourite teacher, is called  Mr. Brown, teaches sport. The sports centre  I play basketball and tennis, is the largest in the area. I walk to school every day with my friend Mike,  father teaches me History.
Complete the conversation using "who,which"whose or where".
Simon: Hi Nigel ! Where did you go on holiday?
Nigel : I went to Greece  I had a nice time.
Simon: Did you see anything exciting?
Nigel: Yes. I went to the Acropolis,  is very famous. I also went to the place  the first Olympic Games were held.
Simon: Did you meet anyone interesting there?
Nigel: Yes, I met a girl  was from England. She knew a Greek family  lived in Athens and she took me to meet them. They were a very rich and kind family  friendliness made me feel very welcome.





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