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Reported speech worksheet preview
Reported speech

Reported Speech worksheet preview
Reported Speech

Reported Speech worksheet preview
Reported Speech

Reported Speech Sentence Transformations worksheet preview
Reported Speech Sentence Transformations

Reported Speech: Questions, Commands, Requests - Reporting Verbs worksheet preview
Reported Speech: Questions, Commands, Requests - Reporting Verbs

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Reported Speech exercises
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-17
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REPORTED SPEECH all you need to know about
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Age: 14-17
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Level: intermediate
Age: 11-14
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Reported Speech - Put the sentences into the reported speech.
1. Claudia told her friend, "I didnīt do my homework yesterday."
1. Claudia told her friend that .
2. Peter said, "I tried to call you last week."
2. Peter said that .
3. Aunt Sue said, "I got all the wedding photos last week."
3. Aunt sue said that .
4. Grandma remembered, "I īve forgotten to water the flowers."
4. Grandma remembered that .
5. Our neighbour said, "Iīve spent a lot of money on the new house."
5. Our neighbour said that .
6. Dad informed us, "I have not heard the latest news yet."
6. Dad informed us that .
7. The guide informed the visitors, "Queen Victoria reigned from 1837 to 1901."
7. The guide informed the visitors that .
8. Granny remembered happily, "I have been here before."
8. Granny remembered happily that .
9. Dad told our visitors, "Our house was not as expensive as we thought."
9. Dad told our visitors that our house .
10. The old man said to his friend, "Iīve come a thousand miles to see you."
10. The old man said to his friend that .
11. The ambulance driver reported, "The phone call reached us at ten thirty.
11. The ambulance driver reported that the phone call .
12. I informed my teachers, "I was ill last week."
12. I informed my teachers that .
13. Joana told her friends, "Iīve met the sweetest boy in the world."
13. Joana told her friends that .
14. The journalist said, "The Austrian team has played very well again."
14. The journalist said that the Austrian team .
15. The newspaper said, "It was the worst match since last year."
15. The newspaper said that it .





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