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Jobs worksheet preview

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Jobs crossword (1 of 3)
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Age: 9-17
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Complete the sentences by choosing  the correct option:
A person who ...
1. ... gives legal advice is
2. ... takes care of sick or injured animals is
3. ... cleans  the house for you is
4. ...sweeps the streets and removes the rubbish is
5. ...receives and pays out money in a shop or supermarket is
6. ... studies ancient civilizations is a
7. ...  designs buildings and supervises their construction is
8. ...  buys and sells things, such as shares in a business, for others is
9. ...  keeps and examines money accounts is
10. ...  takes care of sick people is
11.  ... makes things from iron is
12. ... shows tourists places and monuments is
13. ...  gives advice on healthy eating is
14. ...  is responsible for organizing a school or college is
15. ...loads and unloads ships is
Guess these jobs...
1 -                 2 -        3-                    4 -





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