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If It Wasn’t for the Nights

Watch the video and do the following exercises.

Tick the words that you can hear.


I got appointments, work I have to  too do

Keepin' me show  so busy all the day through  threw

They're There are the things  what  that keep me from thinkin' of you

Oh baby, I miss you so, I know I'm never gonna to make  make it

Oh, I'm so restless, I don't care what  that I say

And I lose  loose my temper ten times a day

Still it's even worth  worse when the night's on its way weigh

It's bad  bed, oh, so bad


Write in the missing words of the Chorus.


Somehow I'd doin' alright if it wasn't for the  

(If it wasn't for the nights I think that I make it)

I'd have courage left to   if it wasn't for the nights

(If it wasn't for the nights I think that I could it)

How I the time when   start to fall

Sittin' here and starin' at the  

I could see a light if it wasn't for the nights

(Even I could see a   I think that I could make it)

I'd be doin' alright if it wasn't for the nights

(If it wasn't the nights I think that I could take it)



Match the beginning and the end of the following lines.


No-one to turn to,                          A the things that I miss

I was not prepared for                    B bills I must pay

Now I see them clearly,                  C help me through the day

Oh baby, I feel so bad, I know         D something like this

I got my business to                      E when night's on its way

People I must write to,                   F you know how it is

But everything's so different           G I'm never gonna make it

It's bad, oh, so bad








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