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Choose the appropriate linker:and ,so,but or because.

1-In summer we wear light clothes the weather is hot.

2-I have a tooth ache  I must see a dentist as early as I can.
3-It is rainy  windy today.
4-I like walking  I never go to school on foot it is 10 miles away from home.
5-My son is calm  easy-going my daughter is very moody  they never agree together.
6-I am English  I live in the USA  I work with a company there.
7-I love painting  fishing  they teach me concentration.
8-Jane hates swimming  she spends her summer holidays on the beach she loves sunbathing.
9-It is always rainy in winter  you should always take an umbrella with you.
10-Fast foods are delicious  usually unhealthy people should avoid them.
11-Peter is obese the doctor advised him to practise sport regularly.
12-Parents  children should have good relationships.





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