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Test for Primary 2/Grade 2Clap

A. Complete the sentences with the words below.
don't take     get up     put on     walk     don't eat     wash     brush     have     take     play

        Every day, I (1)  early in the morning. I (2)  my teeth and (3)  my face. I (4)  a shower. Then I (5)  my uniform and shoes. I (6)  breakfast at home. My school is very close to my home. I (7)  the school bus. I (8)  to school with Joyce, my classmate. We (9)  many friends at school. We (10)  with them. We study with them in the same class too.

B. Tom and Mary are very different from each other. Read the description of Mary. Choose the  opposite words for Tom.
Mary goes to school early. Tom goes to school .
Mary is polite. Tom is .
Mary is quiet in class. Tom is  in class.
Mary is hard-working. Tom is .
Mary is a good girl. Tom is a .
C. Sam is writing a letter. Read Sam's letter with the correct form of the given words.
Dear Sir,
       I like (1)  (make) friends. I would like to join the Pen-pal Club. Here is something about me.
       My name is Sam. I an eight years old. I live in Tuen Mun. I go to Happy Primary School. I like many sports. I like (2)  (swim) and (3)  (play) badminton after school. I like (4)  (write) letters. I like (5)  (read) books too.
       Please let me join your club. Thank you.
Yours truly,





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