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Level: elementary
Age: 8-12
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Simple Past Tense test
25 test questions about past simple tense. With these tests I find it easy to identify where Ss have problems because options are so similar and they give clue for the major mistake types.You can also see my other tests(not all of the are visulized yet)..Hope you also find it useful.If you have any questions or advices,they are all welcome..Thanks...
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-14
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Past simple wordsearch
A worksheet to revise the past simple of regular and irregular verbs. Students have to find the past simple of the verbs in the grid, then complete the sentences with those verbs and match the sentences with the pictures.
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Past simple
Very useful worksheet to practice past simple tense. Maybe it isn´t very attractive but it works really well
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Simple Past - gap filling
2 stories in which you insert a proper verb form in simple past, mind that there are affirmative sentences, negatives or questions!!!!
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Past Simple: label the pictures, form sentences.
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Form and use of the past simple, including rules of spelling and pronunciation of the "-ed" suffix. There is an exercise in which students have to fill in the blanks with the past simple of one of the verbs in the list, again there are pictures to help them choose the right one. I hope you like it and find it useful. Have a wonderful week and thank...
Level: elementary
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Technicum Si-Tarek of Relizane
Second Year Pupils - Scientific Streams
Reference sheet – 09
Unit VI:   No Man Is An Iland
Narrating/Writing a story
Act-1: Picture Story
           Question Put the pictures in the correct order to tell a story
Order = 1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6-7 -8
            Question Fill in the blanks to narrate what happened to Philip last Friday.
Last Friday, my friend Philip at eight o’clock. He  to school at nine. the Maths lesson, his , who sitting behind him, his comics. After , he school with friend for the tennis court. While they were tennis Philip an accident. He down and his knee. His friend him immediately to hospital. , all his friends him many presents and to visit him at the .
Act-2: A Fairy Tale
           Question Fill in the gaps with the verbs in the correct form.
Heart Once upon a time there were a King and a Queen who  (have) a beautiful daughter: Snow White.The Queen  (die) soon after the child was born and the King  (take) a second wife.
This woman  (be) so vain and  (have) a magic mirror. Every day she  (ask) the mirror:Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all’?. And the mirror  (answer):You are the fairest one of all’.
 Heart Snow White  (grow) more and more beautiful so that one day the mirror  (answer) to the Queen: “You  (be) the fairest one, it is true, but Snow White  (be) lovelier than you.”
Heart From that moment the Queen  (begin) to hate Snow White. So one day she  (call) her huntsman and  (tell) him: “Take Snow White into the wood and kill her. And bring me back her heart. But the huntsman  (love) Snow White and  (let) her run away into the wood.
Heart At night the poor girl  (find) a little house. Inside there  (be) seven little beds. Tired, she  (fall) asleep. A little later the owners of the house  (come) back.
Heart They  (be) seven dwarfs who  (work) in a gold mine in the mountain …………




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