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  1. Breakfast is usually
    a. quiet
    b. a disaster
    c. merry
  2. Mat does not start work
    a. that day as he has a day off
    b. untill eleven 
    c. untill one
  3. Mathew owes Jane
    a. ten pounds
    b. twenty pounds
    c. five pounds
  4. Jane  took toast from
    a. Mathew
    b. Hellen
    c. David
  5. Jane is calling Mathew because
    a. she forgot her purse at home
    b. she needs the money he owes her
    c. She feels lonely
  6. Jane
    a. knows that she has left the keys at home too
    b. does not know that her keys are in the kitchen
    c. wants Mathew to bring her purse to her
  7. She is worried because
    a. she needs her keys
    b. the cash code is in her purse
    c. it is a very important day for her
  8. Mathew
    a. says that the purse is on the table next to Hellen's mug
    b. can see the purse at once
    c. cannot find the purse untill Jane tells him where it is exactly
  9. The purse is
    a. on the table
    b. under a newspaper
    c. on the work surface
  10. Jane asked Mat
    a. to put the purse onto the worksurface
    b. to put the purse onto the table
    c. to bring the purse to her work
  11. When Jane comes home
    a. Mat is still in the house
    b. Mat is already at work
    c. Mat is in the garden
  12. Jane
    a. rings the door bell
    b. calls Simon
    c. decides to climb in through the open window
  13. First she calls
    a. Simon
    b. David
    c. Mathew
  14. David is coming in
    a. 10 minutes
    b. 5 minutes
    c. 20 minutes
  15. Jane decides
    a. to get into the house through the open window
    b. to call Hellen
    c. to go to the cinema instead
  16. Mathew offers Jane his help because he thinks that climbing is
    a. too dangerous
    b. it was fun to do
    c. he was good at climbing
  17. Mathew was
    a. asleep in his bed all the time
    b. at his work in the shop
    c. still in the house
  18. Simon
    a. could not get down as he was stuck
    b. really liked climbing
    c. helped Jane to open the door
  19. They did not see Simon for some days because he
    a. was a embarrassed
    b. went to the mountains
    c. was in hospital





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