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Fill in the words to complete the sentences using "would, would like, would love or wouldn't like".

1-You want to do something with your friend tonight. You ask:
What  to do tonight?

2-You are in a restaurant and you ask for a glass of water.
 you bring me a glass of water please?

3-You are exprecing how much you want to go to Paris.                                      
to go to Paris.

4-You don't like to work as a waiter.
to work as a waiter.

5-You are offering your friend a sandwish.
    a sandwish?

Unscramble the sentence.

6-would/ she/ to/ like/ go/ vacation/ on/ this/ year.
would to

7-like/ He/ meet/ wouldn't/ to/ you/ like.

8-love/ We/ to/ you/ visit/ would/ again.

9-play/ the/ guitar/ Would/ you/ like/ to/ ?

10-wouldn't/ to/ swim/ there/ I/ like.

Enjoy it.



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