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DO or DOES? - (Interrogative / Yes,No answers)
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  1.  they know everything?
  2.  she live far from school?
  3.  we play hockey?
  4.  he read a lot of books?
  5.  I like summer?
  6.  you watch TV a lot?
  7.  it sleep a lot?


  1.  she cook breakfast every morning?
  2.  we listen to music at home?
  3.  it play outside?
  4.  they eat dinner at school?
  5.  you do your homework in the kitchen?
  6.  he drive a car to work?
  7.  I sleep on the sofa?


  1.  Peter ride his bicycle to school?
  2.  Mary have a cat?
  3.  Peter and Mary study English?
  4.  George like ice-cream?
  5.  Ella wash her hair twice a week?
  6.  Ella and George have dinner at home?
  7.  the cat play with its toys?
  8.  the dog like meat?
  9.  the dog and the cat play together?





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