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Choose relevant form of the verb "to be".  
I   He  You  She  They  We  It
Tick the right box, appropriate to the action what you see.  
crying                            watering                                          watering                                   drinking
smoking                         sending                                            cleaning                                  washing
drinking                         crying                                               washing                                  sending
cleaning                                    smoking                           watering                                          sending
crying                                       washing                            working                                          treating
sleeping                                     drinking                            sitting                                             shopping
 Make sentences using present continuous tense. 
     0.I/drink - I am drinking.
  1. He/clean -.
  2. She/work- .
  3. They/send-.
  4. I/cry- .
  5. It/wash-.
 Make sentences interrogative. 
 0.I am drinking - Am I drinking.
  1. He is cleaning .?
  2. She is working . ?
  3. They are sending. ?
  4. I am crying .?
  5. It is washing.?
 Make sentences negative.  
 0.I am drinking - I am not drinking.
  1. He is cleaning ..
  2. She is working . .
  3. They are sending. .
  4. I am crying ..
  5. It is washing. .





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