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Linking words

* Choose the correct word/ phrase to complete the sentences.

1. At the hotel, we were provided with a very tidy room. , the same was not true about the hotel lounge, which was a complete mess!
2. He has been studying abroad for three years  he can become a specialised doctor.
3. This meal is on me! , I invited you out!                                                                     
4. A lot of environmentalists argue that it is preferrable to wear fake fur. , the sales of real fur have been reduced.
5.  we tried to convince her not to try such a dangerous sport, she just wouldn't listen.
6. Eating meat which has not been cooked properly is not only disgusting  potentially dangerous!
7. Firstly, the electricity bill hasn't been paid yet. , we must also pay the credit card bill by the end of this week!
8. He looks as if he is very tough. At heart, , he is really gentle.
9. You can choose  the roast lamb or the fish for your main course.
10.  being late, I was not told off by Mum.





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