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What is the weather like today?

Choose the correct answer:
It is  today.                  It is  today.              It is  outside.               There is a .
It is  today.               It is .                          There is a  in the sky.    It is  today.
Find the words:


Fill in the gaps:
  1. Put on a warm sweater because it is  outside.
  2. Today we are drinking much water as it is very  .
  3. Everything is flying in the street because today it is very  .
  4. If there is a  don't hide under the tree.
  5. Let's make a snowman, today it is  .
  6. It is -3 degrees, it is  .
  7. After the rain there is a  in the sky.
  8. Let's go to the beach it is  today.
  9. There are no clouds in the sky, it is  .
  10. Don't forget the umbrella it is  heavily. 





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